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Minivap VPVision Premium quality, highly versatile and portable vapor pressure tester with unmatched precision for the VP measurement of gasoline, jet fuel, crude oil, LPG and solvents. (pressure range 0-290psi, temperature range 0-120º C)
Built-in shaker to generate rapid equilibrium for crude oil and V/L tests
Automatic sample introduction and cell cleaning through piston-based design
Sampling Pro (TM) valve design, best-in-class  for minimizing  sample cross contamination
Thermoelectric temperature control - no external cooling necessary
Maintenance free central lubrication system; rapid oil refill w/o disassembling
Customizable measuring  templates & Unique PDF results sheet with pressure & temperature graphics
Full calibration history and backup
For use in hot, cold, dry, and damp environments, shockproof and vibration-resistant design ideal for laboratory and field
Measuring methods included:
* ASTM D5191 - DVPE (w/ EPA & CARB correlation)
* ASTM D6378 - VP of Gasoline (VPx)
* ASTM D6377 - VP of Crude Oil (VPCRx)
* ASTM D6897 - VP of LPG (up to 2000 kPa)
* ASTM D5188- V/L Ratio (TV/L)
* TVP of Crude Oils available
* Customized Single and Triple Expansion Methods