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MINIVOL LVR offers one of the most accurate and reliable methods: It performs direct measurements for the V/L ratio per ASTM D 5188, the only mercury-free direct measurement technique accepted for gasoline blends containing ethanol and other oxygenates. The compact MINVOL LVR can precisely determine the V/L ratio of non-viscous liquids including hydrocarbons like gasoline, solvents and other highly volatile compounds over a wide temperature range (20 to 80°C or 68 to 176°F) according to ASTM D 5188. It performs even better than the standard: Multiple point measurement at V/L = 100 down to V/L = 4 can be measured automatically. The instrument works fully automatically using only 4 mL of sample, providing results in minutes. All that is required is an external vacuum Source

includes syringe, syringe clip, vacuum tubing, power cord and connections, *vacuum pump and printer available separately

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